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Dear flute friends,

After some months of working with the flute Beaudin I can highly recommend it to any traverso player - no matter for which period you are specialized.

For me this flute has two important aspects which I found together in no other instrument: on the one hand it is a perfect "universal early music traverso" with a great sound and very good playing technique and intonation which is suitable for most historical flute music from late medieval to the late Baroque (or even some Mozart).

On the other hand it is in itself a unique instrument - a new invention - with a very convincing sound and a fantastic range of all notes up to Bb3 in a well sounding quality - easy responding to modulations of color and dynamics - based on Jean Francois Beaudin´s very intensive scientific investigation and craftsmanship. So it is also very suitable for new music and all kinds of modern improvisation. A true alternative to the Boehm flute; good full chromatic technique, without the sometimes enervating Boehm sound. Besides my work with early music ensembles I am quite often asked here in Köln to join in ensembles who are playing in other stylistic contexts (jazz, folk, experimental music) and to bring in my early music experiences (and I am a composer by myself as well). For these situations the Beaudin flute has made my life really easier. In the last months I haven´t had a rehearsal or concert with this flute without colleagues or people from the audience coming to me with astonished and admiring sympathy for the outstanding sound. In Germany we have a word for a moment of great surprise, the "Aha - Effekt". I wish this "Aha" effect to many flute players. Make a difference!

Norbert Rodenkirchen, Köln (www.norbertrodenkirchen.de)

Testimonial from Norbert Rodenkirchen