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For a flute with one key the basic price is $2,300, shipping included.

To confirm an order a deposit of $500 is required.

Payment can be made by Bank transfer, personal cheque or Paypal.

Delivery time depends on the number of orders in the pipeline. I usually try to keep it from going over four months.

To enable you to personalize your forthcoming flute, I offer as many options as possible. Here are the available choices:

  1. Pitch; 440,415 or 392Hz.

  2. External style or appearance (type of moulding).

  3. Choice of wood for the mouldings.

  4. One or two keys on the foot. Second key: $200 extra.

  5. Size of holes on the middle joint: Standard or smaller.

  6. Position of the third hole.

  7. Pouch in brocade: $150.

  8. Head joint alone: $350.

Baroque flute drawing price is $35 for each copy, mailing included.